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Questions about Lybia house plans

Why should I buy a house plan online instead of going to a local architect?

Building a house is really often an experience of bringing a dream into reality. Getting an online house design from Kivovo Lybia shortens the process and offers an affordable towards seeing dream real. With us you see what you probably want and we can customize to your desires. In the case of a local architect they now have to listen to you, draft samples etc and start to work on your design for weeks and charge you lots of money. We have the plans ready and able to offer them to you and get you started.

Is there a limit to customizing a plan?

We are able to change anything about a plan you need changed. We shall offer you a free estimate after we get your wishes noted. Once the two sides agree we move to work on it.

What is the cost of customization of your lovely tropical house plans?

We do have fixed rates. It all depends on what you need done. We offer free estimates.

How can you design for countries you do not reside in?

Our multi-cultural and multi-national team of professionals provides us with a unique pool of skills, backgrounds and we also fall on the expertise of our local partners when we need something very local.

Though our global headquarters remains in Canada. We have several architects in Lybia and also Lybiaian architects based here or in other countries who work with us.

Enjoy a unique blend of rich blends of world-class house plans designed with local relevance that can be even customized some more.

Question about Lybia Bill of Quantities

How reliable are the Bills of Quantity?

We do have professionals in the area of providing Bills of Quantity who look into each plan to prepare the due Bills of Quantity. These are persons who have ample knowledge also of the country in question and liaise with our local contacts.